We are changing our company name

As of Monday 2 October 2017, V. Hukkanen Oy will be known as Kalaneuvos Oy. Our product brand will also serve as our company name from there on.

In the beginning of October, our telephone numbers will change as well.*
Our new telephone exchange number will be: +358 (0)10 4111 400.
Our new fax number will be: +358 (0)10 4111 499.
Our new extension numbers will be listed on our website at:

Otherwise, our operations will remain unchanged.

Updates to the Kalaneuvos logo and our packaging as well

After the update, you will recognise Kalaneuvos products from their dark blue colour scheme and fresh visual style. The packages will feature Veijo Hukkanen’s signature, indicating the consistent and reliable quality that we are able and willing to provide as a Finnish family business.

The Kalaneuvos story

Our company began its operations in 1975 under the name Kalaliike V. Hukkanen. We have been using our well-known Kalaneuvos product brand since 1995. In the early 2000s, we changed our name to V.Hukkanen Oy. Now, we are adopting our product brand as the name of the entire company, continuing our operations under the name Kalaneuvos Oy.

Kalaneuvos is a Finnish family business that manufactures delicious fish products with more than 40 years of experience. Over the years, our company has grown into the largest operator of its kind in the Finnish fish market. Today, our company is an industry pioneer in Finland, specialising in fish processing, wholesale trade, import and export. However, our fish products continue to be made with respect for our family and company traditions.

* Calls to our national business numbers are charged for as follows.
Call rates to our Elisa 010 Yritysnumero business number:
–        €0.0835/call + €0.1669/min (VAT 24%) from Finnish landline and mobile telephone connections
–        calls from outside Finland are charged for in accordance with local operators’ rates.

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