About us

The Kalaneuvos Group is specialised in fish farming, fish processing, wholesale, import and export. The Group is based in Finland and Sweden. Kalaneuvos Oy has operated in the fish industry since 1975 and is nowadays the biggest operator in the Finnish market. Our main values are high quality, being on the cutting edge of the industry, continuing as a family-run business and being environmentally and socially responsible. These values play an important role in our everyday work. We process, import, export, sell and wholesale fish to wholesale customers as well as catering wholesalers and other operators in both the domestic and international markets.

Our production facilities and offices are located in the cities of Sastamala and Turku, in Southwest Finland. Our sales area covers the entirety of Finland, and we currently export globally to over 10 different countries. Kalaneuvos Oy’s product selection includes fresh and frozen, hot-smoked, cold-smoked, slightly salted and marinated products. We provide fish products in several variants – caviar, whole fish, boneless and skinless fillets, slices, portions and cubes. The company offers a wide selection of trusted and sustainable products – providing natural, nutritious and delicious fish.

We have the ISO 9001 Quality Management System and the FSSC 22000 Food Safety System Certification, which provide a framework for effectively managing our organisation’s quality and food safety responsibilities. We also have the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. Our fish farming group is specialised in smolt production and trout farming. The Group has over 30 fish farming plants in Finland and Sweden. Our fish farms can supply fresh trout to wholesalers and further processors throughout the year.

We have always invested in modern production lines and well-being at work. The Kalaneuvos Group employs over 270 people, and the total turnover amounted in 2018 to over EUR 120 million. The total combined annual volume of fish products processed by the Group is over 20 000 tons.

Our northern location, long traditions and carefully selected raw materials guarantees premium quality and taste for our products. We look forward to providing high quality, fresh and frozen Nordic fish products to the global markets.