Nordic Fish Group, which operates under the Kalaneuvos brand, expands its operations by acquiring Terhontammi Oy

Nordic Fish Oy has acquired the entire share capital of Terhontammi Oy, a company currently focusing on producing young whitefish (smolt and fingerlings) in Eastern Finland.

Founded in 1993, Terhontammi Oy operates in Leppävirta and is one of the leading producers of whitefish in Finland. Terhontammi’s turnover for the previous financial year totalled EUR 1.1 million, and it has invested considerably in developing and expanding fish farming in recent years. In the future, the operations will also be extended to the production of rainbow trout smolt.

“We set out to integrate this well-managed smolt producing facility into our business with an open mind and a development-oriented mindset. It is great that the previous owners have open-mindedly invested in the company and in the development of its operations, and we are now able to expand its operations together,” says Toni Hukkanen, CEO of the Nordic Fish Group.

Terhontammi’s core business will continue as normal after the acquisition, long-term customer relationships will be maintained, and the staff will continue as existing employees, including the entrepreneur couple Leena Ahola and Terho Roponen. The acquisition will help both parties better meet the growing demand for Finnish fish.

“The ambition of Nordic Fish to ensure and strengthen the production of Finnish fish fits perfectly with Terhontammi’s mindset, and we are happy that our company can continue to grow with the support of a strong family business,” says Terho Roponen, Managing Director of Terhontammi.

Further information:
Nordic Fish Oy, Toni Hukkanen, CEO, tel. +358 50 090 0378
Terhontammi Oy, Terho Roponen, Managing Director, tel. +358 44 324 2111

Nordic Fish is a Finnish family-owned company that includes the fish farming group Nordic Trout and the fish processing group Kalaneuvos. The fish farming business produces approximately 9 million kilos of rainbow trout annually in 30 locations in mainland Finland, Åland and Sweden and is one of the EU’s leading producers of rainbow trout roe. The fish processing business under Kalaneuvos produces delicious fish products in Sastamala, Turku and Kaskinen and processes more than 15 million kilos of fish annually. Professionally prepared products, farmed and wild fish from clean Finnish waters, and the best imported raw materials guarantee premium quality and superior taste. The turnover estimate for the entire Nordic Fish Group for 2023 is EUR 140 million.

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